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Child Well-Being and the New Science of Trauma

Regulating the Nervous System to Promote Healing

February 8, 2024


Dr. Linda Chamberlain

Dr. Linda Chamberlain is our featured speaker for the 2024 NWCF Forum, now available on demand. Dr. Chamberlain is an internationally recognized speaker known for her keen abilities to translate science into practical strategies. An expert for over two decades in the field of brain development, she shares the latest research and science-supported tools to reset the nervous system. While science continues to validate the important role of these tools in working with trauma, many of these strategies have longstanding, deep roots in cultural traditions and practices. 

Dr. Benjamin Danielson, youth advocate and Center Director of AHSHAY, returns to the Forum to give opening remarks and lead a panel from the community. Drs. Chamberlain and Danielson are joined by panelists who discuss the different ways they use mind-body practices in their work with children, youth, and families. 

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