Every child deserves to be safe, healthy and loved, which is why NW Children’s Foundation dedicates itself to ending the complicated cycle of child abuse and neglect.

Join us. Together, we are making hope work.


NW Children's Foundation works to end the cycle of child abuse and neglect. We know that breaking this complicated intergenerational cycle requires a multi-faceted strategy: We must intervene and help fragile victims heal when maltreatment has already occurred, and must also work to keep it from happening – both now and in the next generation.

That is why NW Children’s Foundation impacts several critical points in the cycle.  

Through our EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH AND CONVENING, we facilitate systemic change. Bringing together diverse players in the field to learn and connect, we create collaborations that ultimately lead to a more cohesive community framework for preventing and addressing the underlying causes of child abuse and neglect.

Through our GRANTMAKING, we help local agencies that provide the support systems children need to be in a safe, nurturing environment, alleviating the stresses and deficiencies that can lead to abuse and neglect. We provide grants to programs that:

Heal Abused Children by providing counseling and treatment for our youngest victims of abuse and neglect.

Help At-Risk Youth by teaching them how to make good decisions and fulfill their potential through mentoring, tutoring and other opportunities.

Strengthen Fragile Families by reaching out to those coping with homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence – some of the strongest risk factors for child abuse and neglect.

Learn more about our vision and work through our Impact Road Map.


Announcing the 2019 NWCF Forum!

We are excited to announce the details for the 2019 NWCF Forum, Community Trauma and Child Well-Being: Trauma-Informed Care and the Future of Healing. On January 31 at the Convention Center, Shawn Ginwright, PhD, a highly sought-after national speaker, and Seattle pediatrician and community leader Benjamin Danielson, MD, will explore how toxic environments and systems such as inequality, poverty and racism are collectively experienced, and therefore need a different approach to healing – not only at the individual level, but also at the community level. 

Space is limited! Learn more and register here.

All We Have Accomplished Together

We are delighted to share with you the complete version of the NWCF Impact Report for the fiscal year ended July 31. It reflects the many different ways we are working to end the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our community – and the hundreds of individuals and organizations whose contributions make this work possible. As we reflect on the past year, we are very grateful for our NW Children’s Foundation family. Working together, we will build a brighter future for our community’s children!

View the Impact Report here.